Agent Compliance Training
Agent Compliance Training
Required annual training for Ashby & Graff sales associates covering topics such as trust fund handling, federal & state anti-discrimination laws, real estate advertising requirements, and real estate activity reporting standards. All sales...
AVID Form Procedures
AVID Form Procedures
It's important that you know how to properly fill out the AVID form. Not only will it make you a better agent but it will also minimize your legal risk.
Certified Buyer Agent
($59.95  $44.96)Certified Buyer Agent
This course is perfect for real estate agents new to the business or those looking to brush up on their sales skills. Be prepared to learn basic promotional skills as well as in-depth details on working with buyer clients from start to...
Certified Real Estate Negotiator
($50.95  $38.21)Certified Real Estate Negotiator
Learn what it takes to become a master real estate negotiator and earn your certification. In this course you will learn: Basic Principles of Negotiation Negotiating House Price for a Buyer in a Buyer's Market Negotiating House Price for a...
Essential Concepts - CA Residential Purchase Agreement
($35.95  $26.96)Essential Concepts - CA Residential Purchase Agreement
This course will give you the tools to fully and expertly understand the California Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) so you can advise clients as best as possible. Because the California RPA is constantly changing this certification is...